Friday, May 25, 2012

state of the craftsmanshit address - spring '12

I suppose it's that time again
the shoppe closes its doors
w/ the job board cleared for the season
and two new rods on the list...unsure of everything else at this time

just know that there will be something to do when the doors reopen...

meanwhile there's this...

a pflueger goodyear awaits refinishing
fortunately beyond the grip it can be done mostly indoors

thee good...

new planing forms - though I've yet to plane a full rod on them

I have planed out a putter shaft on them
looking forward to building a rod on them

stylin' smith polarized shades behind...

spring fishing?   - I've been to the ferry a few times

that's about it

all my camera shit - cameras are tools hereabouts not toys
I need all that shit

hell I need more...

there is no bad believe it or not
I anticipate a long hot and boring summer

anyways...that fly tying project described below?
too ambitious- I'll settle for one or two patterns per chapter...
that'll be plenty plus I'll hone my chops again
it is time to get serious about tying flies again

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