Thursday, February 24, 2011


turtleman doesn't like his indian name
poor fucker
it'll grow on you 
or you'll work yerself out of it

Monday, February 21, 2011

ready to dip?

a few finishing touches
a slight rise in temperature
and the first two of 2011 are done

bitchin' agate shot

Saturday, February 19, 2011

irons in the fire

I've been hitting a lotta new irons this year
why I have no idea, but it has been fun...
I have no intention of replacing what I'm playing 
whimsy strikes me at odd times though so no telling

my five faves...

#5 callaway razr

I expected to like these more especially given I play callaway irons

#4  ping G15

these surprised me since I don't much fancy ping irons
very solid and consistent

#3 titleist AP2

absolutely loved these

#2 adams idea  CB2 black

beautiful and responsive - a dream to hit

#1 cobra S3

we want some yes we do

Friday, February 18, 2011


I do enjoy doing this, but it can make me head hurt

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

texaz grill

way back when in 1985 a restaurant called lonestar steakhouse opened up
located in the corner of a strip mall in the former home of carlos o'brien's 
a wildly popular and fun though mediocre mexican food joint
which moved on to bigger (better?  nah) digs

this means that I've been going to texaz grill for 26 years now
 the place has its kitschy charm no doubt
decorated in an all things texas scheme it is fun to browse all the memorabilia
juke box is well stocked w/ old school country honkytonkin' swing music

anyways once the national chain lonestar arrived in the valley a name change was forced
a contest was held and texaz grill declared the winner
a much better name if you ask me

as usual I start my meal w/ one of these

great stuff served in a little glass we call a jumbo back in wisconsin
I used to order a celis white but they stopped offering it...
shiner bock is a pleasant and suitable replacement

dining with us the lovely tanya tucker

this place is renowned for their chicken fried steaks and rightfully so
I challenge anyone to find better anywhere in town
might be able to chase down a better one in texas somewhere
I'm not sure

since we showed up for lunch
(again a relatively late one so the rush was over)
I opted to have the (surprise!) chicken fried steak

just look at the size of that thing!  fork tender as always
and also as always quite filling and satisfying

I only order this for lunch as you get TWO(!) if you order it for dinner
alas w/ no corn : - [
two of those monsters is just too much for one sitting though it does make for a viable leftover lunch option the next day

if I'm eating dinner (and it's available) I get the smoked prime rib
another best in town dish
the smokey tenderness is nearly impossible to describe
though it does distinguish it from all other prime ribs around

the lunch special on this day was a texas dip snad
presumably prepared from last night's leftover prime rib
anita wisely decided to get that...
she would normally order the cfs

good choice 
it was wonderful
w/ steak fries au jus and bbq sauce
damn good shit

service as always is prompt friendly and welcoming
I cannot say enough about how good this place is
it's all good no great

texaz grill is located on the ne corner of bethany home and 16th street
get yo ass over there and get some

Monday, February 14, 2011

stupid is as stupid does

so I got a new golf club in the mail today
19* #3 hybrid
I take it out back to knock a few balls into the basspond
first ball was a little fat but flew a good ways and arrow straight
you'd call that a good miss on the course

second ball I topped
it hit the concrete curb of the lake and ricocheted back into my knee
it really really hurts is swollen and likely bruised
will spare you pics

tomorrow's round is in jeopardy

*addenda* well we played and the knee held up despite being rather sore
pace of play was a nightmare though
billy and I did manage to finish playing #18 (a short par three) in the dark
or the gloaming as shakespeare would (perhaps) put it

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011


this is the coolest restaurant I know of
not the best mind you, but the coolest
they do serve up what I consider to be the best meal in town
red or green chile burrito enchilada style 
so fugging good I was a regular customer for about four years or so
stopping by every wednesday to endure the unbelievable line

yesterday I returned for the first time in over two years
manohman I missed this place...
what makes rito's so cool is there is no sign no advertising no dining room
just a kitchen a lobby (usually jam packed in a snaking line) loaded w/ anticipation
of the savory goodness soon to be delivered to yer hands
a patio courtyard w/ a smattering of picnic tables is yer only seating option

yer best off just taking yer food home or to work
especially in the summer

menu choices are rather limited
which is fine and dandy because if you order a burro yer golden

anyways, yesterday I stopped by w/ my mom for lunch

we arrived around 1pm  and there was no line!
apparently the lunch rush was over
I don't remember ever not standing in line before...

I ordered my standard red chile burro enchilada style
mom got green chile enchilada style
ten minutes later we sat down to the best got am burros in the valley
hell the whole country
I've never had better anywhere
I will be back and damned soon

you owe it to yerself to find out for yerself 
unless you already know
if so, I'm merely preaching to the choir...

rito's is on the corner of 14th st and garfield

Thursday, February 10, 2011

coming soon...

a culinary tour of the town
today we'll visit this place...
which is simply fuggin' awesome
I used to eat lunch there every wednesday
but it's been a couple of years since I've eaten there
that will be remdied today
you betcha

more to follow...

ganked (kinda)

I saw this series of posters on another fishing blog
and while I don't like doing this kinda thing
(poaching material - something I've been doing far too much of of late)
I just love this image and plan on purchasing the poster...

hey - I've been there
and will be back soon...

anyways I should provide a link...
get you posters here... 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

niche rods and shitty fly swaps

I don't really know where I'm gonna go here
I read some crazy shit sometimes penned by warped minds
what is a niche rod?
a rod that fit you niche?
if that's the case why is it an anomaly?
sounds to me like the right rod for the job
you could say my first string bamboo fly rod is a niche rod
cause it fit my itch - whoopsie niche
7ft 3wt is perfect for me nearly everywhere I go

I was unfortunate enough to watch a fly swap evolve over the course of a year
and finally come to fruition
the whole thing was ridiculous
and nearly half the flies are hideous
which is the problem w/ fly swaps
don't get me wrong I'm not dissing the efforts of lesser tyers
they are doing the right thing strengthening they game playing w/ the big boys
shit needs to be acknowledged as shit and not praised
take off the kid gloves and tell it like it is
shit work needs to be improved upon and not lauded or encouraged

there's a lesson there I could learn maybe
I fuck things up from time to time
but try to always make them better

I may write more on this because there's more to the story

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

on the practice green...

after missing my second putt by about half a turn
I drained a bomb w/ number three
willis said, "you just wasted one"
to which I replied, "I usually putt well here"

so within the first six holes I had two three jacks from inside eight fucking feet
stupid game

oh yeah...I got a spey rod yesterday

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011


and because yesterdaze chickadee looked like a fuggin' doll...

these gals appear to be real fans
I cannot wait...

Friday, February 4, 2011


another kinda silly one...
no stoop-it story w/ this one

Thursday, February 3, 2011

big score

can you tell me why?

it's winter - yeah right

the past two mornings I've awakened to ice on the backyard bass pond
in arizona
get outta here!

fortunately I think that after this winter is over


this one's kinda silly...

erin andrews as clay matthews
c'mon mang - I'd rather see her through a keyhole

anyways, my sister was showing me her ipad yesterday
looked at the superbowl program - pretty cool
she opened up her photos
I saw a picture of her looking a little rough around the edges
told her she looked like clay matthews
"fuck you michael," she says

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

arizona wood

a buddy dropped off a piece of wood he found out in the desert here in az
said it may be cottonwood
all I know is it is quite pretty and should turn to some pretty nice reelseats
we'll see...