Saturday, December 31, 2011


the final hoodie I'll look at is made by o'neill
soft warm and cozy
lined w/ sherpa fleece (whatever that is)
cool black white gray plaid
stylish and very warm...
it makes perfect sense to me that surfwear should be warm
it gets cold on the beach when the sun goes down

I've really reluctantly become a fan of the hoodie
I now have five of the damn things
after having spent most of my adult life w/out ever owning one

two others I have but didn't mention recently...
you saw the pic of the schliske bamboo trampstamp
I wore that one everyday working in the shoppe this fall
the other one is a packer football hoodie that's also been pictured here before
I wear that one a lot
especially this time of year eh?

speaking of which, happy new year, all the best, y'know
I doubt that I make it to midnight

I didn't even make it until midnight
and the night was endless...


so that hoodie shown below is the first one I had since I was a kid
my father gave it to me as a Christmas present one year
his client was involved somehow w/ eminem's management 

this sweatshirt is remarkably well executed and designed
the tag reads...

shady limited
future classic

anyways the cut is generous and comfortable
fabric is very warm and soft

love the kangaroo pocket (the primary reason I give the nod to pullovers)
this one's gotta stash pocket inside the joey pouch

here's another one...
but before we get to that here's a shot and a story

that right there is a 1975 edition of that classic album
I hung it on the wall in the tying den the other day
there's honest too goodness pot dust from back in the day
in the crease of the backside of that gatefold cover

nice detail in this macro shot
unfortunately revealing a bit of sloppiness in technique...oh well
still a pretty damn nice and damned effective fly

look at that flimsy rinky dink drawstring on the hood!
the only flaw in a fine garment
very warm durable piece of outerwear

this one's by carhartt
and is the only gift I requested....

Friday, December 30, 2011

tomorrow's new year's eve

and I'm gonna talk about the relative merits of hoodies
tomorrow on new year's eve

that's a preview
and a pretty fine hoodie
too bad it's so obnoxious
I don't care but the wife won't be seen with me in it...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

at the bench

so yesterday I spent a goodly number of hours cleaning the tying den
I'm not quite finished but getting there

I really couldn't even walk across the room in any direction
now I can even sit in my papasan chair and relax
the stool is open and the vise available
this really is rather unusual

I may take some pics of the recently cleaned room
I should finish cleaning it though before I do that
just to see how long it lasts...

anyways, today I enjoyed a few hours tying flies
it was pleasant
I opened the blinds for some lovely natural light and noticed a striking shadow...

that's a #16 bwo btw
I was trying to rejuvenate my juju

the importance of my hands

I was talking w/ an old buddy the other day
he said he never rides his hog around town - too dangerous
I agreed and mentioned how difficult things would be w/ a broken leg
I'd be fucked
couldn't fish golf drive whatever

the good news conceivably is that it would heal in time

as bad as it would be to break (or worse yet - lose) a leg
imagine losing use of one of yer hands or - worse yet - both
and now yer really talking fucked

this time of year my hands are a mess
I've got at least a dozen nicks cuts cracks scrapes and microcuts on my ten fingers
and they hurt

there are simple things my stupid fingers simply struggle to accomplish
it would be worse I suppose if I had arthritis or some other chronic ailment
tough enough as it is

when you think about it yer fingers and hands are as important to yer existence 
as yer eyes ears and nose - prolly more important than yer ears or nose
my senses of hearing and smell suck as it is...

fortunately I've discovered a product that takes pretty good care of my hands
despite their shitty shape

it's called "working hands" and you can find it in the solvent section at lowe's
if yer hands suffer you owe it to yourself to try some

meanwhile, next time you find yourself in prayer
thank the good Lord for your hands

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

year-end photo dump

just a few shots I cherry-picked
while looking through the iphoto library...

almost always my first selection for fishing...

brother in bamboo mike shay's adventure continues...
hopefully in a better place

you just know that there's a slob in there somewhere
I never did find him

guinness braised short ribs - my word!

a favorite shot of steve - back in the day

beloved wife anita on some of the best water in the west

stacked enchiladas and frijoles

this pic isn't so great, but I do like the texture indicated by the cheese on the beans
that red chile sauce is incendiary


tied this up after seeing something similar by the beatties in fly tyer mag...

really it's an excuse to check out the macro function
on yet another new camera

I was just puttering around - nothing serious
I just rarely manage to get around to tying flies anymore these daze...

Monday, December 26, 2011


this is my favorite shot from Christmas day...

beloved niece lili
a classic beauty

Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas eve

I don't know if I've mentioned that my sister resembles clay matthews
less so in this pic than another...

I'm pretty sure brianna shot that pic
speak of the devil herself - brianna recently renounced her vegetarian ways
she's got her hands full here

it was delightful to watch her polish off those two for real usinger's hot dogs

Saturday, December 24, 2011

are things looking up?

could they get any worse?

I'm not really talking about anything in particular
my psychological fitness rodbuilding the american economy local politics
and number of things

so I got a rod order recently
w/ one left to finish for the poore girls
two fe thomas tapers for myself

and two possibilities still up in the air
I will order components after the holidaze
and move on from building a blank to finishing some rods

why in the hell am I building myself two more rods?
one of which is a clone of one I already use alladamntime

my mentor is leaving the state
there is oh so much I still need to pick his brains on
and just from a fellowship point of view
I enjoy spending tome w/ him 
and he will be long gone
though I get a sneaking suspicion that I may well be fishing for goldens this sunmer

post holiday blues settle in right easily
and they are less easy to shake

I suppose what I'm saying is that if you want a handmade
custom split cane flyrod - now just might be the time to order it

you'll be fishing it this spring

Thursday, December 22, 2011

holidaze gift recommendation

for the angler/flytier/rod builder who has everything
and since no one can afford a bamboo rod these daze...

last year I picked up a print from local artist tim johnson

this one...

this year I'll drop a little Christmas cash on this one...

I really do enjoy his work and so will you

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

thank you kind neighbors

those freaking cookies were delicious

the other day my wife took a plate of cookies to the next door neighbor
the favor was returned last night

look at that polish beer!
anyone have any idea how to pronounce those names?
fairly likely that it sounds nothing like it looks...

muchas gracias amigos

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ready for glue

alas it's too cold...
I'll cut ferrule stations instead

catanach sir d
7ft 6in 4wt

well - I made this instead

deviled eggs

uppity mountain hippy headwear hatband

looks like a corner in a proshop
two of three iron sets I gave a go to this season

the old irons are unwilling to leave or be replaced
they're just too comfortable

that's just ridicurous...

Monday, December 19, 2011

this can only mean one thing...

more baking!

I don't know if I am excited by this or dreading it...
the good news is I'll only be doing a couple batches of cookies
maybe some deviled eggs...

during this latest baking binge we went through astronomical amounts of butter
"are you trying to turn us into a buncha fatasses sitting around on Christmas day?"

anyways, I've decided too that I will revert back to using labels
indexing just makes good sense to me 
especially if I need to find something in the future...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

setting the forms

sir d
bound up...time to set forms for tip strips

three tip strips are planed three remain
will be gluing again soon it seems...

Friday, December 16, 2011

sir d underway

twelve strips roughed and ready to be planed to butt numbers
six of which already have been taken down

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

benchtop tools

you know what this is right?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

would you like to see a picture of some cookies?

fuck no yer thinking me too
I'm thinking that not fuck me
I'm thinking fuck no

I've got three rods in the works stymied awaiting delivery
mostly due to logistical deficiencies on my end

and really we read this to see the rods right?

this cold rainy weather makes me wanna stay inside
and bake cookies
I ate about forty today I'll bet and that's just ridiculous
and these are not dainty little fucking girl scout cookies either

now ya wanna see 'em doncha?

there are some pictured elsewhere hereabouts
these came out lookin more like one batch than another
I think they came out perfect
a substantial four bite cookie

I guess after all that I gotta show ya...

chocolate chips

lemon glazed shortbread

Monday, December 12, 2011

it won't be official until tonight...

but I won the fantasy football league
oh yeah and the record reads 10-4
w/ > 1700 pts for...

RankTeamW-L-TPctPts ForPts AgainstStreakWaiverMoves
2.bills bums8-5-0.6151557.261499.44W-1344
5.TOO EASY6-7-0.4621473.291478.91L-2424
6.Blind Picker5-8-0.3851468.451503.74W-2714
7.the big johnsons5-8-0.3851435.501508.91L-1119
8.Heap O Trouble5-8-0.3851362.781496.48L-1211
wire to wire 
going away
there was never any doubt (kinda like the packers)

meanwhile here's a snack I fixed during yesterdaze packer game...

too bad sparky wasn't here
she loves spaghetti and meatballs

who doesn't?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

benchtop tools

these pairs of fly tying scissors are indispensable
in ye olde rod shoppe

this pair sits atop a magnet near the binder

this pair hangs from the tensioning pegs on the wrapping stand

sandpaper party con't...

brought another rod outta the glue this morning
the sandpaper party was no slumber party
but it did resume...

2 pics - 3pc 5wt thomas taper
tung oiled

flash photo of cattanach 7ft 6in 4wt


Friday, December 9, 2011

wait there's more!

it was another fairly productive day
aside from the sandpaper party (which will continue through the night)

I made a quick dash to the dollar store for toothbrushes and plastic spoons
it's glue day again...

ready to take off the apexes

close up

sandpaper party has been on-going...

thomas 8ft 5wt 3pc

another one of these
varnish is going to cure a few daze
then I'll scuff it up nice w/ steel wool
and hit it w/ final coat

I need to order ferrules

sandpaper party

well I've hit these sticks w/ 80 and 100 grit

so let's see...
only 150, 200 300 and 400 grit left
then teak oil over night - steel wool rubdown to follow the next morning...

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm experimenting w/ wrap colors a bit
I don't know what color this is...maybe coffee?
it's either java or chestnut - prolly the latter
anyways it looks quite nice on a flamed rod
looks right nice on a blonde rod as well

and that agate!

first coat of varnish applied

those wraps will look like hard candy when they're done...