Friday, March 30, 2012

white trash lunch

is also the best fishing lunch ever
if yer stuck at abe's and don't wanna pay $14 for some soggy fried chicken

go back to motel
heat frying pan add butter
slice tube steak open and butterfly
brown on each side
adding butter as necessary

open can chili w/ beans
dump into a warming pan
until popping

grate some cheese

managed to eat that w/out spilling any

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

camp chair

it also a great place to relax with a cigarette
and a beer and a book
lean back into the pillow behind it's like a recliner or lounge
simple and versatile clever device

batenkill large arbor reel sack

well the battenkill was just too versatile a reel to be stored in this display case
it went into a more versatile sack

ross gunnison 8wt reel in here...
that 8wt never sees the light of day here in az

obligatory agate cheesecake

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

where am I going?

I love finishing up rods
as things occur I'm finishing three
I continued w/ the leather overkill
did all the prep work 
sans the stitching
as I don't have thread
it's got a cross on there
I dig it

I dig these too...

oh yeah I spent saturday night hanging from a hammock
it was delightful and I'll be doing it again tomorrow night
amazing how simple it is to hang the thing
I slept like a freakin' baby

still at it

I must be bored or something

actually I also put some finish coats of varnish on a couple rods
well butt sections
tips need thread tags clipped and another coat

Sunday, March 25, 2012

more leatherworks?

stop looking at my shit

this is actually the project that got all this shit started
next up are a couple sunglass cases
and a couple reel housings
I've got some really shitty snaps though
or maybe I'm just shitty at setting them - that could be

Friday, March 23, 2012


jason sent me a pm - check the cooler in the bed of your truck

inside the stuff sack we have the makings of a hammock

hung in the backyard

so simple so sweet
thank you so much jason

Thursday, March 22, 2012

photo dump con't

 winter's hope pinned to my wrapping stand
dig the blurred bamboo blanks in the background

cilantro chives sage flat leaf parsley thyme basil

these two are nearly 3D


what up?

the bench is a mess
cleanup likely will be soon
I'm not really good at de-clutter

rods off the bench for wrapping
a couple cattanach tapers

it's been a slow rod building year/season
five blanks built
three of which will be finished
make that four
I've decided to finish up a 3pc 8ft 5wt thomas
it just wouldn't be right to go into the summer w/out a new rod to fish would it?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

car camping

my backpacking daze are over
and have been for a long time
the convenience of car camping and excursions or forays from base camp
is far too comfortable
I do not have to sleep in a got am coffin sized tent
I set up a jumbo tent
I can set up two cots a camp table and two camp chairs
and still have room to move about
which is nice when the weather dictates yer confined to the tent
I love that
plus I like to be able to stand up in a tent
and w/ a cot I've got somewhere to sit while getting dressed or changing clothes
all that makes it a no-brainer for me


this weekend at the ferry we didn't even bother bringing a tent
just two cots and a tarp
the tarp was stretched across one end of the shade structure as a windbreak
a little noisy w/ the wind
but I jrank enough to pass out and not notice the noise
we fully expected a miserable cold night
but it was right comfortable

this has me rethinking things a bit
at least for overnight burner fishing trips
a buddy of mine camps from a hammock
and has learnt himself how to build them and has built one for me
(he said you have a sewing machine you can make another and he's right)

photo credit to jason jones

we will be giving this a shot right soon
especially since the weather is getting nice again
(recent cold snap be damned)

shit happens

as the saying goes...
to elaborate...shit happens especially to shitheads
or better yet
what happens when you don't pay attention
to what day it is or the date
or much anything else for that matter

so last night one of my favorite bands was in town
and as usual I missed it
and a few nights prior I missed the truckers

now I'm not much of a concert goer these daze
but I've never seen either of those bands and really would have liked to
but I didn't

such is life...

Monday, March 19, 2012

get sauced

I am
and I have been making this for years
"gil's q shack's sweet heat"

made this batch for a rack of spare ribs
used it today for super burgers
works fine and dandy where ever you put it
plus it's a thousand times exponentially better than ketchup

cold snap

usually it's the heat that brings me indoors to finish wrapping rods
well I don't wanna work in the cold ass cave
I've got two commissioned rods to get the fuck outta my hands
and into the rightful owners

two blondes for myself that I swore I wasn't gonna finish
well, I'll do one for sure
maybe put the other on the market...who knows?

anyways,  I thought it was high time we got some damned bamboo on the blog
it's been a while, eh?

wrapping the last poore girl rod

note the absence of that shaggy mane that made me look like a felon
beloved wife made me do that...

wrapping chris' rod in (gasp) jasper!

I wanna go play golf for a couple daze
in the sunshine

fishing in the cathedral again

drove up to the ferry again friday afternoon
arriving about an hour and a half before sunset
we forsook unpacking our shit and setting up camp
to gear up and hit the water..two quick fish 
(and two misses) had me convinced that saturday would be great
and it was - just not as many fish as I'd like
it got rather windy - not unmanageable, just inconvenient
I had some issues w/ my shit
trouble rigging up led to trouble casting
led to trouble rerigging due to trouble w/ knots etc
seemed as I spent more time getting my shit together than fishing
I just might have been hungover
if the dead soldiers littering camp and the half empty bottle of bourbon
are considered evidence

nevertheless, a fine time was had
company was good and I did end up sticking a couple fish

mudbug hooked up...


nice 'bow

when we got to the parking lot we ran into a couple guys from tucson
'bug asked if they posted on a local board...

marvin ( azmandella) and (not so) fat guy alex of fatguyflyfishing
he's hooked up...

admiring a pretty little 'bow

throwing a beast mode...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

got ribs?

want some?

we've got it down...

last batch of pics of reel pouches
at least until we procure more material
or come up w/ further refinements

for my gunnison 8wt reel

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

reel pouch pt II

so I finished w/ design tweaks
and came up with something I much prefer

reel pouches

after suffering through hated neoprene reel pouches for countless years
I made these

my first effort was hasty
done at night using a sketched pattern
 in a slight "tit" if you will

so for the next one I broke out a compass
to do it right

I'm still working on refining the design
I'm not really happy w/ the flap design on either one
but they are bulletproof (intentionally dropped one from about five feet onto a tile floor)
and will last forever

next up one to replace the cloth drawstring bag for my hardy
and another for a buddy's 8wt  reel

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

why sedona still sucks

dude it's the vortexes
traffic circles (I wonder how many times I should repeat this?)
transplanted californicators
traffic on 89a
pedestrian traffic
shitty for the most part architecture
the cost of lunch
ridiculous green fees
red rocks pass - hey you fucksticks I live here and pay taxes
(not in sedona, mind you - in az)
figure fucking eight traffic circles

nevertheless I returned to fish there for the first time in what?  three years?
same as it ever was
two little brown trout to hand

I've fished it oh a couple dozen times with similar results
except the fish count would creep up to double digits on a good day

actually the only good fishing day I've had up there
was marked by a fat and lovely and hard earned brown

it was still fun
the company was good
and beautiful country
but someone should do something about that shit I mentioned above
because sedona still sucks

Sunday, March 11, 2012


this weekend I delved into leatherwork again for the first time in a hundred years

made those yesterday
today I designed a leather reel pouch
built it too
it works just fine but the pattern I made was a mite sloppy because of haste
(I was in a hurry)
will try again tomorrow and get it right

Friday, March 9, 2012

bamboo putter shaft

this has been in the works for quite some time now
and it is finally finished...

putter head is a classic wilson 8802
ferrule is from an old beater bamboo rod
grip is hand formed cork
wraps are red and claret silk

it is for my brother
I don't wanna give it up
but I don't fancy that particular model of putter
and he does

Thursday, March 8, 2012

AFA all the way live at nite

yeah right
I do work at night

as well as most of the day
I know some twerp thought I toil away at a hobby
and it's not a job

60 hours or so a week says otherwize...

I wanna show some of my fish art

well not all mine but some I've got

that's a pic of one of my streamers
shot by schliske
now hangs on my wall

interesting pic w/ reflections and all

this one's a print of a painting of some strung up caught fish
also hung on the wall

some flies in a stained glass box
sitting over my terlet