Tuesday, January 31, 2012

door project

is about half done
or better than half done

driver's side door is giving me fits
reconnecting exterior opener has me vexed
any movement at all causes the rod to fall out of place

what you see above is a far cry better than what we had

I wouldn't even have bothered w/ all this if those got am doors worked the way they should
hopefully tomorrow they will

Monday, January 30, 2012

since I'm talking about my truck

I love my truck
people like to make fun of it
I don't wash or wax it
maybe every other year I'll hose it down
it  looks like shit

*pics tomorrow*
well, fuck that there are pics of the truck below

but I've never hit anything with it
I got tapped hindside one time in the snow in flag
by an asshole grandfather w/ his grandchild(?) beside him
and he drove off
go figure

people in the know love it

it's a '91  toyota pickup
hell you know that if you've been reading here
it looks like shit but runs like a top?
I wanted to say champ 'cept there's just one thing 
that needs to be addressed and that's the exhaust leak
that's not my forte
though I think I can deal with it
in time

no ac no music
it's a truck and a tool
a car or truck is a tool used to get from here to there and back
nothing more nothing less
plus I can carry things in it
and people with much nicer cars want to use it
so it's a hunnert years old and other people want to use it
I find that ironic

my truck has relatively little mileage on it
people leave notes nearly weekly asking if I want to sell it
I don't wanna sell it

I like the fact that I've bought two vehicles in my life
and I'd like to see it end that way

I do have plans for another vehicle
but I can wait 
forever if I must

my brother told me that no one drives trucks like mine
I like that
and it's one reason I love my truck

I'm thinking of a paint job
we used to paint trucks way back when I was in the army
redo the camo cuz there was nothing else to do
I camouflaged a fta atop my army rig
and no one realized it until I pointed it out to them
I'm considering the same thing w/ afa
agua fria angling - get it?

and a slick sideband along the bedside
like that'll happen

I'd also like ac and a sound system
I've gone so long without
that it ain't gonna happen
hey just use the ipod dipshit

there is about 104,000 miles on it
and it's likely good for that again
that's comforting
I paid about 7 grand for it back in the day
'92 to be exact and how much have you spent since than for your rides?

that's why it's a keeper

I have so much more to say
perhaps for another day

door panels con't

making good progress on this

digital cameras are great fucking tools

after tweaking the working template
we have the finish template

clamped to masonite piece
trace and cut

flip template over and repeat
make cuts and we have the panel foundation

fit and tweak as necessary
I used a rasp to fit the cutouts

cut weather barrier plastic piece
this will need to be sealed prior to installing the panel
as per jeepster's suggestion we'll use duct tape

undercut a piece of batting for each panel
I stuck it to the panel w/ spray adhesive

carefully fit fabric finish layer

somehow or another I picked up the wrong panel when I did this
everything else I did was done off of the passenger door
I picked up the driver door panel
not that it matters...

I screwed it to the door w/ the pull grasp 
the fit is nearly perfect
I could tweak things a bit yet 
again we'll see about that

I'd have shot a pic but it was dark and I don't like to use flash

it looks a far sight better than the ones I replaced
even when they were new

I'm totally winging this
having never tried to do such a thing before
I'm pretty pleased

state of the craftsmanshit address #10 - early '12

usually clearing the bench meant something different than it currently does
that doesn't make much sense, but I will try to clarify

what I mean by clearing the bench is getting all the rods in production 
off the bench and indoors for wrapping and finish work
this takes place in april normally as soaring temperatures
make it impractical and uncomfortable to work outside in the garage

well, this year I had to clear the bench in january
over the course of building 35 rods I've been using borrowed planing forms
for which I'm eternally grateful as it saved me a considerable chunk of money

well, the owner asked for them back 
and I was obliged to return them

thanks matt - I appreciate all your help over the years

and I bit the bullet and dumped nearly a grand into some new forms
and a "back-up" set I don't necessarily need
but the price was right and I wanted to help out a buddy

and I'll be able to pay it forward
again as I feel obligated to
should I get the opportunity to teach someone how to do this
should they be inclined to learn how
I like that

anyways,  it's been two weeks now since I ordered
and I'm still awaiting delivery
and anticipating it every week day
perhaps today's the day

which explains why there is no rodbuilding going on around here lately
there are two rods awaiting components
those are ferrules and reel seat hardware
for those of you who do not know that

I guess they'll be included w/ the planing forms

I will not be building anymore rods for myself
at least for a while
and by rods I mean finished rods
I will continue to do what I call the prep work
aka grunt work

to experiment w/ new of different tapers
but when it comes to finishing the rod
it ain't gonna happen
until I can justify spending $200 to finish the rod
for something I simply do not need

I've got two rods to finish for other guys
two unferruled blanks for myself
which won't be finished until who knows when

and a clear bench

Sunday, January 29, 2012

get wrecked and wrock on w/ yer badassselves

about a hundred years ago (piease forgive my tendency for hyperbole)
I became involved w/ an email mailing list 
that revolved around a favorite band
and for a good long time that thing fuggin' wrocked
I met (in person) a couple handfuls at least of really cool people
smart and opinionated and willing to talk about anything and everything
and generally speaking agreeing to disagree
w/out scorn or chastisement
new members were always welcomed and encouraged to contribute
though not without a few pokes in the ribs
it was dynamic and thought provoking even intoxicating in a way

lately though it has been dying
I guess as a result of a mass migration to facebook
and perhaps the fact that we all grew up a little bit over time
and have real lives to pursue

nevertheless I miss it and the interaction dearly
most of all I miss all those people

anyways,  around Christmas every year we'd make a comp cd for a random member
upon completion, people would offer up they comps to whoever asked for it
I usually asked
and received

in spades

I think that's about 3/4 of them
the rest are in portable cd carrriers

I like to think that the people who put these things together put their hearts and souls into it
and that's why I treasure them and my memories of all the shit we yammered on and on and on about

when you try to explain to others what was so special about this place
you can not do it

if you were there for it you understand

Saturday, January 28, 2012

working weekend?

what I'm working on...
it ain't fishin' tyin' or rod buildin'

it's fixing the doors on my truck

opening/unlocking my doors finally became too much a pain in the ass
so I ripped the old door panels out
fixed the latching/locking mechanisms
 now we need to make new panels

kept the old pieces for templates for the new

first template underway
this is gonna take a while

sheesh - good thing I don't have anything else to do
I've been watching the carp mouthing scum  from the backyard pond
for the last two daze

working template installed
now we have something to work with

Friday, January 27, 2012

these things

nearly had a hand in killing me
that was quite a while back...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

the tubes

I'd really like to get silly with this title
remember the tubes?
white punks on dope
don't touch me there
I'll talk to you later

and "totally tubular"
wtf is that?

anyways, I'm just getting started w/ the tubes
starting simple

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the last hurrah

visited congress yesterday to say good bye to a very good friend and my mentor
it's nice to have brothers in bamboo around
I will dearly miss bother shay
adios amigo and Godspeed

anyways...perry and mike

one a dose guys snapped a pic of me, but y'all have seen enough of my ugly mug lately
I'll spare ya this time

Saturday, January 21, 2012

stop the presses!

I fished today

it wasn't all that long ago I could say that I had no fiberglass flyrods
that's no longer the case

now I have three...

from front to back 
cabela's 50th anniversary model 6ft 8in 4wt
above sila-flex medallion MF90SH-2
heddon pal 9ft 8wt

I cleaned up the grip on that heddon

I haven't really fished the two big rods
as both are relatively recent acquisitions
hell I just got the heddon today

that little one casts and fishes right nicely
unless the wind is blowing

then yer fucked 
unless you've got back-up
always carry back-up
kinda like raingear
or a sandwich

it's always nice to have a sandwich in yer gear

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I feel obligated despite my dismal performance this year so far
hey I won my fantasy footballl league

giants beat the niners in a close one
say 24-20 or so.

ravens over the pats in a shocker
heh heh heh he said shocker

we'll see
I can't wait

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

holding court

or talking shit?

hey seuess crisco I'm looking bad
snaggletoof old goat....
notice the uncombed hair
I can't remember the last time I combed my hair
the hair dresser chick combs it
that's when it gets combed
hey I don't have dreadlocks or anything

Monday, January 16, 2012

very cool development

this handsome fella wandered into california from oregon
looking for love

unlikely he finds it
soon he'll prolly wander back to oregon
if he wants to find a mate

Saturday, January 14, 2012

okay...the niners worry me

they've proved that they can put points on the board like the saints
assuming the pack beat the g men tomorrow
they'll have a handful w/ the niners

so I've been jrinking the tebow kool aid
can he deliver the goods against brady belichek and company?

I don't think so
but I hope so

ravens packers in the super bowl
w/ the trophy staying in titletown

you read it here last
maybe not first, surely last...

*tebow don't slide

gronkowski is the best tight end in football
say it again
and again
yet again (is it over yet?)

look at old man magahee
is it closer than the score?  I don't think so*

it would be nice to see the pack whoop the pats in the super bowl again
that would be fun

*...* indicates during game commentary

fishing - a look back and forward

over the past hundred years or so
I've met and fished w/ an awful lotta people
in an awful lotta places

fallen into a few rivers (yes I have)
frozen my ass off sweated my ass off

I always claimed that the very nature of friendship is transitory
dependent on any number of factors
the fact is, very very few of us have life-long friends
w/ which we continue that relationship

I guess you can judge the strength of a friendship
by whether or not it can weather these differing phases of our lives

this morning I found out that my favorite fishing partner
is going on disability retirement
which is good (and potentially bad - I guess)
and for that I offer congrats

I met steve in the summer of 2003
in the middle of nowhere
the valle vidal wilderness area of new mexico
little did I know I was meeting I guy I'd fish with for the rest of the decade
and hopefully it continues through the next one
though we are both getting old

anyways, anita and I were camped  along the stream

steve's truck was a reasonable distance downstream
brooks showed up from albuquerque
there was some guy from georgia of all places fishing w/ his son
and, yes, it was a smallstreams streamside meet

steve shows up at his campsite
he is quiet nearly uncommunicative
very wary leery and canny
kinda like he's sizing us up

so brooks and I head off upstream to stick some tricksy little cutthroats
a half a mile I sit on the bank and say,
"I don't know about you brooks, but I'm gonna sit down and enjoy a cool smoke"
which I did
steve stumbled up and shared

steve and brooks were struggling setting hooks on these insanely quick hitting trout
(my struggles will come later)

at one point we decide to 4 wheel it up to latir lakes
state record trout  (species not remembered)  taken from up there
it was the longest steepest straight climb I've experienced
butt rough for sure
brooks had to hold onto the radio knobs to keep from being bounced from the truck

anyways, we've been fishing and camping together every year since
well nearly - we missed last year sadly on three different occasions

I'm gonna go through my iphoto library
and share some of my favorite pics  of steve

good luck and all the best amigo
let's go fishing!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

back in the day

this book is a treasure assuming you can find a copy
there may be one at the library - the big one downtown
I could tell you a story (or two) about that building but won't
I wanna talk about bill valentine

bill valentine wrote a fishing column for the arizona republic and gazette
from 1962 - 1978
and this is a collection of those columns
he is witty and observant and man oh man does he like to fish
and he enjoys telling fish stories
of which it seems there are hundreds here
in the 630 pages of prose and packed w/ black and white fishing photos
from a bygone time...

plus - he was a pretty ding danged stylish dude...

valentine was also a skilled cartoonist/artist
following all the fish tales (full disclosure - some are rather similar)
are some maps he's drawn of the rocky point/cholla bay area he so loved
there are also several dozen nifty little illustrations for fishing derbies and the like
it sure seems a glorious time to be fishing the salt

apparently he had a love for mermaids as well
who doesn't?
love that he lists the species being 95 - 125 lb
she's a "merrymaid"

I guess that'd be a keeper

copyright info on this book merely lists
"Copyright C (circled) 1990 Jessie and Mike Valentine  All Rights Reserved"
the book appears to be self published by the family

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I don't like tying parachute flies at all
love to fish them though
so I deconstructed it
and approached it like building a house perhaps
the result is simple to tie and tidy

my very first attempt ever at a step by step photo tutorial...

pinch down hook barb
start thread eye width back from eye
trim tag end after a dozen abutting turns
tie in post w/ half dozen figure eight wraps
wrap post up and down eight turns
tie in prepped hackle feather
advance thread to tie in

dub a thin noodle and wrap a thorax to just behind wingpost

wrap thread back to bend of hook make thread bump
tie in stiff hackle fiber tail nicely slayed
dub a nicely tapered abdomen
add to the thorax if necessary

turn fly in vise as shown above

make four turns of hackle
ti down w/ four wraps
four turn whip finish
trim wing post

finished fly

isn't that nice?

Friday, January 6, 2012

a christmas gift from my wife

she got me this very nice japsaw
especially for cutting bamboo

Monday, January 2, 2012

are you fucking kidding me?

fiesta bowl played tonight in glendale
right up the street
oklahoma state cowboys vs the stanford cardinals

I'll take the 'pokes...
parking fees are a pet peeve of mine and I generally do anything I can to avoid them
paying $5 or $10 to park for a concert in some shitty lot in some shitty part of town
makes me want to pull out my hair
so I don't do it

I'll walk two miles before I pay $10 to park my truck

anyways, a single vehicle parking pass for tonight's fiesta bowl is $30
fuck that...

today's other big bowl action is this afternoon
wisconsin badgers over the oregon ducks in the grandaddy
too bad the badgers are no longer in the championship picture

I hate the bcs for any number of reasons
currently because they give us a rematch of the 1-2 game from earlier this season
which was the biggest stinker of a rotten egg of the season
well, other than that fucking hail mary up in lansing...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

a new year's gift for you

this was my favorite musical release of the year
I used to make a top ten list every year
last year two artists tied at the top
(john mellencamp and black dub)

unlikely allies if you will...

dig it, eh?


a new year is upon us

I don't have any idea what's in store
the previous year for me has been mostly marked by hardship
I've managed and will continue to do so

I've spoken in the past about the inanity of making resolutions
especially those of the health and welfare type
which we enter into w/ good and cooperative spirits
until we realize how much got am hard work we've set ourselves up for
and how comfortable it would be and is to relax

that said I have made two minor resolutions this year
health and welfare related
I will not be sharing the resolutions
though I may periodically update you on my progress or lack thereof...

last year I failed in my main goal of lowering my golf handicap to a single digit
I guess we'll have to continue that one...

anyways, at some point in the next two weeks it appears as though I'm gonna lose my planing forms
I guess I just thought they were mine...
and it is frustrating

which means I'll have to figure out the means of procuring a set of bellingers
and rather quickly at that
I am a firm believer that when you replace something anything
you should replace it w/ something BETTER

fortunately all the rods on the bench have all the grunt work done
which I guess means I'll be turning bamboo blanks into fishing rods
as this season progresses

at any rate, we'll manage, it's what we do

"hey, I've got an idea - let's go fishing!"

the holidaze season is over - get yer lazy ass back to work!