Saturday, August 11, 2012


a gear review of sorts...
what held up and what couldn't
during three weeks of exposure to very harsh conditions

I mean yeah nearly everything survived
including myself

I did not have to throw away any clothes
boardshorts were the uniform of the day
as was a short sleeved ventilated fishing shirt
buttoned once usually in the wrong buttonhole

I should have brought six of each instead of four

a good hat is a must
this one was excellent and also part of the daily uniform

I had an old pair of lowcut hikers blow out on me in flag
replaced them w/ some cheapies by columbia on sale
they held up

my keen sandals did not

my camera did not

I lost two pair of reading glasses
and a guidebook on the very last night

my shades came out a little scratched but they'll do just fine
they've been canyonized

*pics forthcoming*

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