Monday, September 17, 2012

attn: jerry siem re: circa flyrods

like it or not sage drives the flyrod business
and they do produce fine fishing poles
there marketing lost me years ago 
as did the trend for faster and faster rods
making casting a chore rather than a mindless simple pleasure

as goes sage others follow
one is very hard pressed these daze
to find a proper dry fly action in a modern graphite rod
the onliest one I know of is the scott g2 (want one too)
until now

I haven't been excited about a sage rod release in a century
actually it's been over a decade
they lost me when they replaced the sp
and a lotta others when they extirpated the ll line
at one point I had three sage flyrods and loved them all

so why is a bamboo rodmaker writing about effing sage?
because jerry siem has developed a retro dry fly action rod
the circa is what I'm talking about and I'm dying to fish one

I cannot afford at this point in the game to fork out sage $$$
nor can I justify buying yet another rod
so really what we have here is my desperate plea
a shoutout if you will to jerry siem and the sage team
how about cutting a brother in bamboo some slack
and let me fish that rod
I'll try a short 3wt and a long 4wt fwiw...


Arizona Wanderings said...

I think you deserve it. I'll be a reference for you...


mijo said...

I like the way you think.