Sunday, June 9, 2013

westone dimension IV

despite looking goofy to put it nicely
this is a whale of a guitar
available in '85 and '86
indicates that it is 28 years old
and in damn fine shape

when I got it it was covered in stickers 
which I removed
revealing the gaudy body decoration shown above
all original components
save the six screws I added to the tuners

two MMK45 humbuckers w/ single coil middle pickup
push/pull pots coil tap the neck p/u
activate the middle p/u 
phase switch the bridge p/u

I did a full fret job on it
i.e. removed and replaced the old frets
sanded the rosewood neck down to buttery smoothness
lemon oiled it and leveled crowned and polished the new frets
finally replaced the graphite nut w/ a bone one

this thing is a howling beast
one guy refered to it as
"one of the sweetest guitars ever"
and my brother said it was
"twice the guitar" of the strat pictured below

pretty high praise

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