Friday, July 5, 2013

last summer

so this time last summer
I was prepping for three weeks in the grand canyon
on the colorado river

the trip was grueling and epic
some white(brown?)water highlights below...

I'm thinking this is hermit rapid
fun stuff

one of the silver cock jocks - steve carothers - scouting crystal rapid
may not look like much but this is some of the biggest nastiest whitewater in the west

a wild ride aced by all

looking down into lava falls rapid - see above description
minor disaster occurred here...
first silver cock through flipped

we camped right below lava
floated 100 miles to takeout the next day

anyways there really is only one story of the river being run
a speed run in a dory @70 some thousand cfs
briantly chronicled here...

highly recommended

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