Monday, August 4, 2014

state of the craftsmanshit address '14

some thoughts on fishing...

fishing is a lifestyle choice
that said, what has become of my lifestyle?

I haven't been motivated to string up a rod since thanksgiving
and I can't tell you why

I've tied a few dozen flies or so this year
which is very very few

it's been two years since I've built my last bamboo rod blank
and I still haven't gotten around to finishing it

it?  there are three of them
four if you count the old one wt blank I built
a companion piece to the one I broke which has gone mysteriously missing

I suppose I could blame the heat but it ain't the heat
could just be lazy?  a bit perhaps, but I've kept my hands busy

whatever the case I look forward to 
a)  finishing those blanks
b)  fabricating a new tip section for my beloved 6ft 3wt 3pc
c)  fishing somewhere - preferably the san juan in the fall and /or lees ferry anytime

handcrafted flyrods are like children
you grow very attached to them during the long intricate process
you know them like the back of your hands
they nearly become part of your heart
and yeah you grow to love them

then you give them up for someone else's use and enjoyment
and hope that they love them as much as you do

after giving them up the rodmaker likes to hear about them
their experiences in the field
better yet see pics of trout and cane or even better bents rod shots
seeing my rods being used fills my heart w/ pride and love

this summer fortunately I've seen a few
and that makes me remember just what it is I do
which yeah fills my heart

photo credit - steve rath

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