Friday, April 22, 2011

behind the scenes pt II

working w/ my graphics guy
(you wrock bill!)
on some preliminary artwork for business cards
which apparently I need...

a sample...

I'm guessing these can barely be seen

all designs are far far better in execution than my crude and simple idea
that's why it's wise to consult the graphics guru

I kinda favor the right side samples
especially the vertical one, but...
standard card format may prevail

what you think grasshopper?


Anonymous said...

Bill does indeed question.
What does the grasshopper think?
The hopper thinks "why do you need a biddness card?"

You have a web presence and from one who has handed out a hundred cards in a day my opinion is they cost time and money to make and in the end you give away a card instead of taking an order. It works out to a polite way of a potential customer getting something from you without placing an order.
In other words..."yeah, that's a nice rod. No I don't want one. Do you have a card?"... as he backs out the door.
Fookin biddness cards...harumph...

mijo said...

since you asked...I need one because everytime I'm asked for one, I don't have it. if I pass out 200 cards and get one job out of it, it's worth it.

besides, my web presence is rather puny.

Anonymous said...

Then I assume (which of course)makes an ass out of me and you) that you print them yerowndamnself.
My time is for free too.
Yer presence on the web isn't puny, but I luvs the humbleness.
And out of curiousity...just how long does it take for you to hand out 200 biddness cards? A day? A month? A year?
I've handed out a half box in a day (250+/-) with zero results more times than I can tell ya (twice, I lied). But my shit is shit, what do I know.

fliesonly said...

i like the top right one. traditional jus like cane.