Saturday, April 30, 2011

old news of sorts

this place is cute

it's also tiny

they make nice pies...

pepperoni and jalapeno pepperoni and mushroom (I like mushrooms) pepperoni

right next door is the sierra vista motel
w/ four rooms it is arizona's smallest
I've stayed there about half a dozen times and the rooms are very nice
as are the grounds

the price is right too
highly recommended

my favorite shot from the night in question...

it looked like that to everyone involved
that's why we filled that motel


Anonymous said...

My very good friend...
I'm so happy you documented three of the last pies to come out of that hole.
Alas...they are now gone without fanfare, a blow of taps, a folding of the flag draped over the casket. Simply there one day and gone the next.

But THAT day was a great one for me and I'm so happy you made it and also helped make it happen. Stellar.

Make it by soon bruddah...

mijo said...

if they would have had italian sausage for they pies they may have been able to stay open for another week.

Anonymous said...

However my not partaking in a Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage pie might possibly be my own undoing. Now, I'll never know...
'Sposed to reopen next week under new (yet again) owners.
Hours to be 11am til 9.
The new "owners" are the guys who run the feed store in town. Seems appropriate. You know...doesn't matter what the fook you sell as long as it's something everyone needs. Hungry mouths always make someone money.
I almost bought that hole when I moved here. I was going to sell horse and dog food and make rods in the back.