Wednesday, August 24, 2011

jrinking the kool-aid

remember the guyana massacre
when all those cultists jrank james jones' kool-aid and died?

perhaps that's a good reason not to jrink the kool-aid?
yet we see it time and time again 
especially on fishing sites...

recently read a post requesting suggestions for an x-wt rod
post currently runs four pages
initially there were recommendations for three different rods

one guy mentioned echo I think - a cheap and serviceable choice no doubt
certainly not the direction I'd go...

another said orvis helios - an excellent choice
I've cast the helios and it is a fantastic fly rod as nice as anything out there
you pay through yer ears for it though

finally another guy suggested steffans bros fiberglass
another outstanding  choice for a number of reasons
not the least of which being that they're hand crafted in flagstaff, az
and great rods

everyone else suggested the same got am entry level rod
without fail
could it be because that's what they fish?  (yes)
and that they love it?  (yes)
and that they don't know any better?  (you betcha)

now, I have cast this rod and it is quite nice and the price is reasonable
does that mean the guy should go out and get one?

c'mon now - you know better than that
the roar of the masses could be farts
no one mentioned sage (until recently) winston scott thomas & thomas or st. croix

maybe my point is this - no one should go out and get anything just because 
someone else has it and loves it
even if every swinging dick in town agrees
just because they do doesn't mean you will

cast everything you can find and let the rod choose you
price be damned
that's my recommendation

remember it doesn't make a lick of difference what something costs
if you'll enjoy it the rest of your life
fishing poles are like that...

finally, I guess I'd have suggested bamboo (of course)
or a gatti or st croix legend ultra if you wanna go that route (plastic)


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see the St. Croix line get some mention. Underappreciated rods, I love the ones I have (starting to sound like farting masses). Unfortunately hard to find at retail down here, so the two I have and the third I gave to a friend were all built from blanks.


mijo said...

st. croix makes dynamite rods at a reasonable price.

I bought a 5wt lu for my wife and fished it all the time instead of my sage sp or winston lt. I just loved it. so much so I bought and built a 6wt on an lu blank. built a 6ft 3wt avid too for smallstream work. alas I gave that rod away to a friend and sold the 6wt for a song.
still have the wife's 5wt (she's very possessive of it).

thanks for reading jb.

Anonymous said...

yessir. For some reason, I've ended up with a handful of short trout rods. Of the bunch, the 7'6" LU I built is my favorite - that rod is a rifle. Although I gotta say that my new Steffen 3 wt. may be crowding that rod out of the top spot soon. I built a 905 LU for a friend's birthday, and like you I love that rod - so sweet. The last is a 12 wt LU that sadly hasn't had a tarpon or jack put a bend in it, but it's ready.

Anonymous said...

Helios lacks a little backbone and actually like the hydros better even though they say it is the same blank.

Often mentioned rod will get a test cast as will Stephen Bros.

Some ask for rod suggestions to narrow down the field of test casting a bit, not as a dirrect referal.

Other than that, cleaver post. Would have been better in the thread.

mijo said...

I've banned myself from posting there.