Saturday, August 20, 2011


monday - heat be damned I'm getting back to work building rods
idle hands are the devil's playthings or somesuch

as stated earlier - the first step will be cleanup
which shouldn't take much longer than an hour
unless I get a loco hair you know where
then I'll work the whole damn garage
there's a lotta shit in there that we could prolly do just as well without
plus I'd like to make things more roomy and comfortable

yeah - for all my visitors
speaking of which - I've got additional seating
picked up two stools complete w/ back rests arm rests and swivel seats
so upscale

so we'll be firing up the swampcooler fans
which prolly won't work due to our monsoonal humidity
I figure it'll be a success if I get any of the cleanup done
then we can get to work on the two rods remaining on the bench

which means the opportunity is ripe to place an order and get yer very own custom crafted
bamboo fly rod by Christmas
you know you want one

or maybe I'll just go play golf

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