Tuesday, September 20, 2011


to be perfectly honest I'd prefer a steffan's bros
but I couldn't resist the value behind the $99 anniversary special 
cabela's custom (oh really?  how so?) glass rod

I put it through the paces this afternoon 
on the backyard bass pond
not really fishing just seeing what the rod could do
6'6" 4wt and it's got some punch to it
I was very impressed especially for the price

plus as a three piece it'll fit nicely behind the seat of my truck
and I think you should always have a rod in yer truck
just in case

I also stumbled across one hay-ull of a bass pond today
not sure I can fish it but I'll look into it tomorrow
because I saw some badasses in there today
nice gills too and two of the biggest fucking carp I've ever seen
they were in the shallows and lit out like nobody's bidness
first one out looked like a got am cigarette boat...

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