Monday, September 19, 2011

this can only mean one thing

this shot came out pretty cool

nonetheless it's fucking hot

planing bench before

planing bench after

lathe/glue/wrapping bench before

lathe/glue/wrapping  bench after


AZWanderings said...

That's a mighty clean work bench. You getting back to work soon? I was over by your place the other day. Sent you a text but never heard back. There were a couple of big schools of bass. Pretty spooky though. Hope all is well.


mijo said...

well, it'll do and it's serviceable at least.
it's still to damn hot to do much. even with two fans blasting hot air my way. I suppose I could do like shay and get up 2am and work cuz it's comfortable. not likely.

you'll need to text my cell number. I washed my phone lost my phone and just recently got it back up. will email text/cell #.

I thought I saw ya out there while I smoked morning cig. loops were too tight to be some schmuck. maybe. saw an oldtimer spin guy stick a real nice bass right in the backyard - the stretch along the main drag. I should get out there...

AZWanderings said...

2 am? No thanks. A couple of more weeks and it's going to be golden. Thanks for the new number. No wonder... I thought you were shunning me. I fished those ponds all around your place and was getting into some nice fish. Someone with tight loops...must have been someone else. Take care man and we'll hook up the next time around...


mijo said...

soon enough on both counts.
last year I got started on october 6th - I remember this because I flipped through last year's calendar as I was cleaning up. this years calendar was pegged at april...which means I've got about a seven month building season. I am itching to get started again.

Anonymous said...

Hey now...

Shay happens to be a very good friend of mine and know him quite well, as I've known him my entire life.

While he may indeed get up quite early, he insists he's only following the sage advice of Ben Franklin. "Healthy, wealthy, and wise."
However, Shay is an optimist. Though none of the mentioned results of his early to bed and rise practices have ever paid off, I understand he prefers to work while the temps are in the "tolerable" range for human beings, as well as work everyday, leaving precious little time in any 24 hour period to get anything whatsoever accomplished. Perhaps one day he'll actually get some kind of cooling system in the rat hole he calls a shop.