Thursday, November 17, 2011

pay attention! no one's listening

finish planing a butt strip

12 strips - half of which are roughed half finished

note the size difference between a finished strip and a roughed strip

checking the fit
a fella stopped by the shoppe for a visit
he had a few interesting flies...

bread fly
right - new left - used
pretty ding donged clever methinks

oyster cracker fly

floats hook up due to a slip of mono and some split shot
hanging off the top side of the fly

he also had another bread imitation I wanted to see
I tie one from spun deer hair - perhaps there is a simpler solution

he had an ingenious corn fly tied of foam w/ a pocket for weight

I don't normally feature anyone else's flies here
(not even the crazy great mini hopper)
but big props to jason jones for thinking outside the box
w/ his fly design

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