Thursday, November 24, 2011

sila-flex medallion rod

fiberglass rod built in costa mesa california

I need to get this out and play with it but it is a beautiful thing

a couple weeks ago my brother told me that dad stopped by his house and left me a rod
his wife's father's rod
I picked it up today
oh my

this thing looks like it has never been fished

note the rubber o-rings on the ends of the male ferrules
kinda nifty
they're right fuggin' snug

bigass female ferrules

here's what wiki sez...

Medallion Rods, lightweight rods with Foulproof guides and tip-tops, “Armor plated” thread wrapped ferrules, brown spiral wraps with white trim, and a high grade, screw locking, anodized aluminum reelseat with two lock nuts. These rods were packaged with an aluminum case and cloth bag and sold for $60-$75. For the mid 50s, this was a very expensive fly rod - the comparable Phillipson Eponite rods were selling for $40-$50. Apparently, by 1956 the classic Silaflex guide wraps were in place.

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