Sunday, October 7, 2012

fishing the cathedral again

this will be my fourth trip to the ferry this year
and to be entirely honest about things
I've fished like shit

my head and heart haven't been in it
too lazy or stubborn
jrunk and stoo-pit
to adjust my tackle accordingly

a lack of interest?

I dunno
what I do know is that I don't like it

  that all changes tomorrow

last time up I was on the colorado river
for nineteen daze 
and picked up a rod maybe twice
nearly traveled the river from dam to dam 
and didn't even bother trying to fish

that's pathetic at worst
lame at best

my head hasn't been in the fishing place
it's been elsewhere...
on what again I dunno
it just hasn't been on fishing

I look at this as an opportunity to regain my fishing mojo
it doesn't matter how well you tie flies
or build rods
if you don't put them to proper use

anyways...let's get it on

thanks chad and van ness flyrods for the invite
I appreciate it

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