Tuesday, October 30, 2012

milestone post - the lessons of a life spent among dogs

it would be nice to have some pics in here...

anyways I've been holding off on this one
trying to wait until my birthday to make the one thousandth post here
and I wanted to be deep and profound
reflective of the wisdom gleaned
over fifty two years

well good luck with that
as if I had a chance
I had no idea what to blog about
I pondered my arthritic fingers and how 
they're causing me problems when I plane
or that one got am split 
that gives you fits from beginning to end
then I met a dog
a pit bull pup and a handsome sonuvagun

and I realized how much of my life I've spent
in the company of dogs
at times an awful lot of them
all the litters of puppies whoa...

I have one dog now and have had him the past nine years I guess
before that mr. t and I shared fifteen glorious years together
holy smokes in college there were bailey and bonnie and buddy 
mr t's running buddies and partners in crime up in flagstaff

prior to that were my restless years I suppose
I had dogs here and there
none really notable

we grew up raising irish setters - show dogs
I can't even begin to remember all those dogs
the family dogs though
catlin finn maura chara
usually a couple three pups as well

my first job as a teenager
back in wisconsin
was as kennel boy at a black lab kennel
fed the dogs cleaned the shit just like at home
weekends we went out and trained these magnificent dogs
for field trials
in wooded pastures and ponds marshes where ever
those weekends were fun plus we got tipped

not sure what the lesson is
perhaps it's in the blessings we've been to one another
our whole lives

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