Saturday, November 3, 2012

truth in advertising

looks like it could be another post w/out a pic
almost even a state of the craftsmanshit address '12 edition

people have told me that I don't advertise much or enough
I don't at all actually and there is a reason for that
nor I do much in promoting bamboo as a material 
there is a reason for that as well

why advertise when I simply cannot produce any more rods per year than I currently can?
I guess I could invest a couple g's in some sort of ac
and produce oh maybe a half dozen more rods
but why?  

I am quite happy building six or eight rods a year
I'm not sure how much more wear and tear my fingers and hands can take
I mentioned it in passing below but arthritis is working its black magic in my hands
which means I have to take a lot of breaks to let my fingers relax
especially when I'm planing
which has been a lot this past week
and my hands ache haunt me

I'm more likely to direct a guy toward a nice $200 graphite rod
or the best rod you can afford
than suggest that they get a bamboo rod

that is a decision that is made by the angler himself
a moment when he knows it is right in his soul
to fish bamboo and find out what it is like to fish with a tool that lives

*a couple hours later I was talking on the phone
to just such a guy
nice coincidence?*

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