Monday, December 31, 2012

approaching yet another new year

I wonder how many I have left
I'd like to think that it is my mortality that has spawned my thinking of late
and there's no reason for thoughts of that nature
since I remain relatively young despite constantly declaring I'm old
that's just my muse typing

I apologize for the repeats for my long time reader(s)
hoping there actually are people that read this dribble
or better yet appreciate it or learn a thing or two about a thing or two
but I'm gonna photo dump here 
w/ a few of my favorites from over the years
chosen randomly
not this year but all those years that I've typed
at my invisible friends or into the ether as I prefer to think of it
not for you but me
I've never been disappointed gifting myself
though I've done it far too often
but that is a story in itself

                   brace yerselves...cuz this will be incredibly stoo-pit
and you'll love it

my very favorite fishing rod ever

an avatard I use and will have to forever
 because this awesome sign is gone
viking points for knowing where it was
not awarded if we've been there together

favorite bentrod shot of the year and a very good friend

I've always loved this pic
I was six shits to the wind and nimping
you won't see that often - fishing w/ nimps
and my favorite fishing partner snapped it

happy new year
fish more 
stop fishing nimps
do it right

I had to say that since I'm a bamboo snob
and you of course should do what I tell you to

calm down I'm teasing silly

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