Friday, December 21, 2012

full circle - a work in parts if you will

daily I carry on my side my grandfather's pocketknife
and find comfort and solace in that

it's really not much of a knife
so far as knives go
but he carried it
prolly in his pocket everyday
I dunno

and used it to clean his nails
or pick his teeth
or the whittle away at a stick 
with no purpose or reason
just because it felt/feels good to do so
I get that

it's far too small to do the big work
a knife sometimes requires
a damn handy tool nonetheless
and I find that I use it daily
it is a cherished possession

so small it seems insignificant
and can be lost as it has been 
without realizing it is gone

I will not lose it again
I've taken precautions against that
as there is little that I own that means more to me

I hope to be buried with it
so that I can return it to him in heaven

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