Saturday, July 2, 2011

"the skinny" - chapter fourteen - random bits and pieces of shit

just  a pretty agate stripper shot on my plane

must be late spring early summer as we've moved indoors
I try not to do this work when I can get "shoppe" stuff done
when it's too hot to work in the garage we move indoors

bench turned 90 degrees as was the overhead lighting
a move that began the current setup of the shoppe

we've added another bench and a sharpening station since
vise got moved to the other bench
but this remains pretty what it's like in there

toss in a couple chairs a couple swamp cooler type fans
and you may as well be there right here and now
except it's hotter than a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire out there
so we try not to go there

finally got an oven built I felt kinda comfortable with
although pumping 1000+ degrees in there always makes me nervous
rod shoppes have a history of burning

tormek sharpening system got moved to a small bench underneath the oven
freeing up benchtop space
foreground bench is usually used for gluing and binding
node pressing and if I've got to wrap a rod during the season it happens there

depth gauge
couldn't set the forms without it

lathe and rod support stand
that lathe gets turned 90 degrees when not in use
again freeing up benchtop space...

and there you have it
a photo essay on how the shoppe evolved from nothing to its current half assed state

maybe I'll clean things up in there (it's a mess as usual)
and get a current shot...

it's really about time we wrap up this narrative
w/ a few thoughts of what we see the future bringing (it ain't promising)
design philosophy and preferences
random bits and pieces of shit

stay tuned for the conclusion

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