Friday, July 1, 2011

"the skinny" - chapter thirteen - beginnings again

when I first started doing this at home 
I worked for a bit in the backyard
on the patio table
as pictured earlier

eventually I moved thing indoors
from the kitchen counter bar
to the dining room table
where to this day I still work wrapping and varnishing

 pic above is from august 31st 2007
I'm assuming that that's chueco I'm planing

my first lathe was an electric drill duct taped to the bed of my pickup truck
I stopped doing that after my shirtails got caught up and snapped a rod in two

tuning up the forms - this was back in november or december 2007

working at night splitting cane
loved doing it then love doing it now

a cabinet maker buddy of mine built my drying cabinet

workbench got moved over to this wall
prolly to improve the overhead lighting

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