Saturday, October 29, 2011

a bunch of nonsense about nippers

the other day I was putting together my tackle
nippers hemostats and the like

I snapped a few pics of my nippers

leatherman micra
handy little tool
when I thought I'd lost a pair I immediately replaced them
then I found the lost set in the pocket of my raincoat
so now I've got two

I've often said that the best nippers I've ever had said orvis on them
here's proof of it
I'll bet I've had those for a dozen years
and still sharp as hell
do yourself a favor and pick up a couple of these
next time you find yourself at the orvis store

those pictured are stuck to magnets on the inside lid of a flypatch

I really like these
mostly on account of the size
they fit and suit my hands well
I'm not sure if they're as sharp as the orvis one
I bought the smaller version of these as well
they just weren't as easy to operate as those shown

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