Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I expected an electric atmosphere
it only really got loud after marcum walked montero to load the bases
goldschmidt went yard for the grand slam
and that was the extent of that

I've been in beast mode now since the series started
collmenter stymied the brew crew and there were no beast mode antics on display

after the game while walking to the car we talked w/ a couple of brewer fans
the chick was looped lurching down the street singing the blues
"good thing we didn't bring our brooms" she says
"those brooms would have been tucked right into our asses"

a little later "you know what that felt like?"
"that was like getting fucked in the ass FIVE TIMES!"
she cracked me up and was the highlight of the night

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beast mode huh. What about the snakes? You got a root for the sneaky snakes… and the birds. You know you got a root for the flippn birds ifn there’s a sneaky snake strike today.

5 times! That girl should switch hit once in a while.