Saturday, October 1, 2011


spent yesterday in the high country
late in the afternoon fishing in the rain
the temp was right cool
nearing the soaking stage we called it quits

the weather was delightful

a lightning strike?

fished a dandy little 3pc 3 wt

caught a lotta fish...

beautiful or what?
for reference
my middle finger
yes that one...
is three and one half inches bottom knuckle to tip
stuck a bunch of these little launchers


AZWanderings said...

Very nice man. Glad to see you were able to get out of the heat and get on the small stream...


Shay said...

Purdy lil fella.

Wish I could go.

What's that?

Shay said...

PS Thing...

Quit admiring your mustache, eating stuff, knocking around a little ball, watching games on TV and go to freaking work.
Are you retired or sumptin?

PPS...I'm joking...

OutsmartingFish said...

That little guy is so pretty. Those parr markings are incredible.