Monday, April 23, 2012

finishing touches

this week we take care of all the little things
the little things that go into finishing a rod
you almost get reluctant to finish the damn things
you've lived them for so long

I'm sure I've stated before that I split rod building into two phases
first stage is the gruntwork or preparation 
this basically put is building the blank
after that is all finishing the rod
sanding out of the glue
setting ferrules
building grip
wrapping rod
varnishing wraps
varnishing and polishing the rod

I will prolly polish up the rods I've got ready and glue up a couple reelseats
possibly preparing for a final dip en la manana

after that we closed for summer
I've got a couple blanks built on hold for myself
and absolutely nothing in or going into gruntwork

there should be something...

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