Sunday, April 15, 2012

fishin' not fashion redux...

my fishin' buddy josh coined the phrase
"it's fishin' not fashion"

and it is

 we don't dress to be seen we dress to disappear
to become one w/ our surroundings
not stand out
like the guy geared up head to toe in simms gear

w/ a brand new >$1000.00 rig
a spotless fedora and costa del mar shades
ironically, I guess it seems that most of our fishing wardrobe (if you will)
is in various shades of simms grey
or I've read/heard it called sage
the color not the rod company

  does any of this matter?

I've said in the past that no it doesn't
and kind of set out to prove myself right
regularly fishing in brightly colored clothes or at least a hat

whoopsie!  I thought that was the yellow shirt!

there we go!  jrunk nimpin'

nevertheless I'm usually wearing some variation of the simms grey or sage sage color scheme
even though my favorite fishing shirts are yellow or what I call rawhide
and they say columbia or cabela's on them
even though I ruint one of the pockets on the yellow one w/ a cigarette cherry burn

I've also commented on how lotsa fishing specific packs
make you look like yer going to do battle w/ aliens
rather than fish
most of these packs are you guessed it simms grey or sage sage
 (which we could call light olive perhaps)
and here we go again w/ yet another trial run w/ a pack
this time a sling
of course we'll let you know how things pan out

our clothes/gear need to be functional and comfortable and versatile
it needs to stand up to adverse conditions we encounter in the backcountry
it's pretty rugged out there
yer clothes need to handle that

all that said, a fedora is still pretty stylish...


shut up and fish!

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