Friday, April 13, 2012

things I've been thinking about while varnish cures

I've been wearing knee pads for years now 
through various indoor construction and remodels
even painting
why not use them while fishing?

why hadn't I thought of this earlier
but I'm doing it
I've got two sets the good ones and the shitty ones
shitty ones won't cut it so the good ones it is

I think I've posted a pic of my kneepads
back when I was painting the house

thing number two
we carry way too much shit
it's absurd
which is why my experiment w/ the filson chest pack is likely over
I carry too much shit when I have it

I am gravitating toward a sling
before I even saw the sling in question 
I'd decided that everything we carry
should be carried in a camera bag
see the sense in that?
relatively inexpensive
everything that needs to be protected is
and if you've got a camera in there
(which you likely will)
yer limited as too what else will fit
that way yer not a walking flyshop

whatever floats yer boat

tied some wool headed streamers w/ doll eyes the other day
doll eyes are a pain in the ass plain and simple
one of the flies came out pretty sharp

it took four at least applications of superglue to get those eyes to stay put

I have to tie a half dozen muddlers for a swap
I'm not sure I have turkey feathers
and that's just lame

finally as I research things a bit
outfitting yerself for hammock camping or hanging
in the vernacular
is everybit as expensive as getting yerself 
a large strong and easily erected tent
suitable for long stays in inclement weather
you know it happens do it yerself
we'll see...

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