Monday, March 19, 2012

cold snap

usually it's the heat that brings me indoors to finish wrapping rods
well I don't wanna work in the cold ass cave
I've got two commissioned rods to get the fuck outta my hands
and into the rightful owners

two blondes for myself that I swore I wasn't gonna finish
well, I'll do one for sure
maybe put the other on the market...who knows?

anyways,  I thought it was high time we got some damned bamboo on the blog
it's been a while, eh?

wrapping the last poore girl rod

note the absence of that shaggy mane that made me look like a felon
beloved wife made me do that...

wrapping chris' rod in (gasp) jasper!

I wanna go play golf for a couple daze
in the sunshine

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