Tuesday, March 13, 2012

why sedona still sucks

dude it's the vortexes
traffic circles (I wonder how many times I should repeat this?)
transplanted californicators
traffic on 89a
pedestrian traffic
shitty for the most part architecture
the cost of lunch
ridiculous green fees
red rocks pass - hey you fucksticks I live here and pay taxes
(not in sedona, mind you - in az)
figure fucking eight traffic circles

nevertheless I returned to fish there for the first time in what?  three years?
same as it ever was
two little brown trout to hand

I've fished it oh a couple dozen times with similar results
except the fish count would creep up to double digits on a good day

actually the only good fishing day I've had up there
was marked by a fat and lovely and hard earned brown

it was still fun
the company was good
and beautiful country
but someone should do something about that shit I mentioned above
because sedona still sucks