Monday, March 19, 2012

fishing in the cathedral again

drove up to the ferry again friday afternoon
arriving about an hour and a half before sunset
we forsook unpacking our shit and setting up camp
to gear up and hit the water..two quick fish 
(and two misses) had me convinced that saturday would be great
and it was - just not as many fish as I'd like
it got rather windy - not unmanageable, just inconvenient
I had some issues w/ my shit
trouble rigging up led to trouble casting
led to trouble rerigging due to trouble w/ knots etc
seemed as I spent more time getting my shit together than fishing
I just might have been hungover
if the dead soldiers littering camp and the half empty bottle of bourbon
are considered evidence

nevertheless, a fine time was had
company was good and I did end up sticking a couple fish

mudbug hooked up...


nice 'bow

when we got to the parking lot we ran into a couple guys from tucson
'bug asked if they posted on a local board...

marvin ( azmandella) and (not so) fat guy alex of fatguyflyfishing
he's hooked up...

admiring a pretty little 'bow

throwing a beast mode...


AZWanderings said...

Beautiful photos and scenery. Looks like you guys had a hell of a time. Thanks for sharing Mike.


Alex Landeen said...

Beast mode!

Awesome to meet you guys and put a face to the name.