Tuesday, March 20, 2012

car camping

my backpacking daze are over
and have been for a long time
the convenience of car camping and excursions or forays from base camp
is far too comfortable
I do not have to sleep in a got am coffin sized tent
I set up a jumbo tent
I can set up two cots a camp table and two camp chairs
and still have room to move about
which is nice when the weather dictates yer confined to the tent
I love that
plus I like to be able to stand up in a tent
and w/ a cot I've got somewhere to sit while getting dressed or changing clothes
all that makes it a no-brainer for me


this weekend at the ferry we didn't even bother bringing a tent
just two cots and a tarp
the tarp was stretched across one end of the shade structure as a windbreak
a little noisy w/ the wind
but I jrank enough to pass out and not notice the noise
we fully expected a miserable cold night
but it was right comfortable

this has me rethinking things a bit
at least for overnight burner fishing trips
a buddy of mine camps from a hammock
and has learnt himself how to build them and has built one for me
(he said you have a sewing machine you can make another and he's right)

photo credit to jason jones

we will be giving this a shot right soon
especially since the weather is getting nice again
(recent cold snap be damned)


Anonymous said...

That’s pretty minimal bud. You might want to rethink putting up a tent. One or two nights comfort for ten minutes work. Maybe get yerself an insta tent.


mijo said...

minimal is the point. for overnighters, the tent is overkill - too damn many poles means overly complicated setup and breakdown and then there's packaging that damn thing back up. if'n trip is two or more nights tent goes up. hell maybe even the hammock too for naps...