Friday, February 17, 2012

first steps - fagbag by design

so I kinda outlined below how I'm gonna go about this...
a bit of customization here and there
then a full on job w/ bare bones generic cheap fagbag
then I need to figure out how to do as nice a job as those movers in the industry
or do well enough to compete...

today I came up w/ my first feature
magnetic anchors
all these new bags have magnetic anchors
apparently it'll keep yer shit from clanking around as you wade or wander
I like this idea cuz my shit clanks

so I came up w/ this....

these were the first prototypes I came up with
not bad - they work

next couple had an additional pocket
which won't carry much - hell two fingers can barely fit in it
but it is a damn fine place to stash a spare key
or yer stash if yer still carrying that in gram bottles
leatherman mini fits in there great as does a spare set of nippers

I used to think that those tool pockets were kinda overkill
especially if it requires a velcro closure strap to cinch it in place
well this kills two (three) birds w/ one stone
magnetic anchor?  check
tool sleeve?  check
reflection eliminators?  check

important to me because I like to wear my clamps and cutters on wader straps or bag straps
or pinned to my shirt pockets
because that way they're always at working level

plus the fabric I'm using (at least until it's gone)
is semi-historically significant
it comes from the very first issue of bdu fatigues
none of that rinky dink short cut shit they came out w/ later
this is the initial issue bulletproof edition
the kind w/ triple reinforced knees and ass

this individual pair of pants is about thirty years old
we like that

plus some of you fuckers will be getting these to field test

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