Sunday, February 12, 2012

fishing in the cathedral

my fishing buddy likens it to fishing in a phone booth
I disagree
granted the cathedral grows in grandeur upstream to the dam
(damned impressive)
and grows ever grander downstream over countless rapids
the walk in fished as fine as I've seen it

look at that beautiful wild rainbow
lovely colors healthy and strong fish
typical of the fish we saw yesterday

josh didn't take long getting started
(a pattern to be repeated throughout the course of the day - he was en fuego)
sticking a nice fish early on a custom tied egg pattern of his own design

this is my favorite of the numerous underwater shots he took
he gets photo credit on both bentrod shots below and several here

my weapon of  choice for the day
and the first ever bamboo rod I made
chile colorado
7ft2in 5wt driggs river special

I've gotta a lotta pics just like this one
again - look at that fi

this rock right here is the throne 
perfectly scooped and smoothed and pitched 
for yer work
a perfect place to sit and rest too

why would you wanna fish here?
beats me

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