Tuesday, February 21, 2012

rules are made to be broken

I made some rules when I started this journey a hundred years ago
the blog yer reading I mean

and I've pretty much followed them all 
I have gone ahead and embedded some youtubes
and I've even linked an article or two

but I pretty much remain true to my all original content
(with the help of accompanying buddy photographers of course
and occasional ganked photos from the tubes)

I also think I've done a good job not bad mouthing any other fishing sites
though I'm sure after all these typestrokes
you can read between the lines at least

I tempted to pitch a bitch...
tempted mind you
I'm not gonna do it just yet but I sure do wanna

those of you who have known me a while 
know my history as a "web personality" if you will
that shit has come to a screeching halt
not entirely by my own hand

I heard a couple very interesting things today
while sitting in congress
HAHAHA I love that

a guy I know needs a rod dipped
and has asked some pretty reasonable guys if anyone would do it for him

I've washed my hands of this clown for any number of reasons
and he can say the same about me

no one seems willing to help from what I hear
key words those last

y'know what?
even though I can't stand the guy
I'd do it tomorrow
I don't know why but I would
maybe because I can?
I do enjoy it
nothing like watching that rod come out of the varnish the first time
all that work finally getting finished

the guy who told me this said I should tell him
and perhaps I just did
I responded 
I don't talk to that asshole

after all, I am a dick


Shay said...

Good of you not to name names, big of you not to slam a site.

Yer not a dick, you're a gentleman.

mijo said...

I almost fully intended to the next day. I'm super pissed @ ken. not that he'd give a shit. ahole too.

those guys are dicks. I had a lot to contribute and more to draw from that site and thanks for yer help, regardless of its fruitlessness.

the way things played out was childish.

Shay said...

Mijo Said...I had a lot to contribute and more to draw from that site...

I know.
PS...be glad you didn't make the drive. It's 9 hrs, not 7 and I didn't get in to Congress until after 1AM.

However...more water in the river than I can remember, fish rising, season closed, clubhouse is a wreck, and I'm beat. Should be a great summer.

mijo said...

plus it sounds like it was fucking cold. I have reptile blood too. anyways, I had to be around to take delivery of my brand spanking new planing forms.

I planed out a putter shaft yesterday. I'm kinda liking it.

kick ass and take names on yer way outta dodge.

I love ya mang and we'll see ya this summer.