Wednesday, February 15, 2012

tackle done well

there's a fatal flaw in outdoor wear design
and that is...pockets that are too small to get my hand into
maybe one's acceptable for like a lighter or some shades
but really I'd rather not bother w/ yer stoo-pit little pockets
a couple of companies have gotten wise
I don't venture much into the high dollar players in the clothing game
but columbia figured it out and their fishing shirts are the best available
and a bargain (relatively) to boot

another one is that filson pack I was yammering about earlier
my hand fits into every sleeve hidden inside that pack
save one for the shades - we can live with that

orvis takes care of yer tackle right
I can't remember how long ago it was I bought this bag
still going strong and looks like new

I'm not even gonna bother telling you how much shit is stuffed into there
dynamite bag

speaking of bags
sometimes well used to be I liked to carry tying stuff on fishing trips
I kinda stopped since I'm not tying flies on a fishing trip
I'm fishin' or I'm jrinkin'
anyways, when I did everything fit right nicely into this bag

that was about ten bucks at target a hundred years ago

no telling how old this one is...

that's my grandfather's camera bag

another look...

that stool in the tying den that some of those bags sit upon?
it's a giant spring

and it's pretty damned comfy

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