Thursday, February 9, 2012

talking shit

my golf game sucks these daze
I'm smoking it off the tee better than ever
but can't hit an iron shot to save my life

that's what happens when you go from three or four rounds a week
to playing once a week
it sucks plain and simple

I'm totally stymied on the bench
I mean, I guess I could glue up some ferrules and turn a handle or two
but why?

it's not that I'm lazy 
(I am) 
but I did spend two daze cleaning up/rearranging our shit in the garage
that counts for something right?
I mean it wore me out and I was sweating like a pig when I finished yesterday

then I went and played golf
or something
it sure didn't seem like I hit any golf shots
or if I managed to hit a decent shot
I'd three putt

some asshole visitor from back east started yelling and cussing at me
after I told him "you shouldn't do that"
he drove off in his cart in a tizzy
fine by me

then I had to follow the two biggest assclowns I've ever encountered anywhere
for the remaining fifteen holes
uncharacteristically I barked at them at one point
fucking guy played three balls trying to make one shot
none of which were in play btw
he dropped yet another
I yelled "c'mon man!"

they responded as if I were some kind of asshole

anyways, I won't be playing there again soon
the conditions sucked
and that ain't even the problem

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