Thursday, February 9, 2012

well..we talk some more shit and photo dump

because tomorrow evening we drive to flag 
en route to the ferry sat
and visit an old and dear friend

so it looks like I got the tool(s)
and my golf game still sucks for the same reasons
chipped worse than last time putted better
still pounding the driver and fairy woods
but can't hit a decent iron shot

a hundred years ago anita and I took the train
from durango to silverton
I suspect it was a skiing trip
and I tore it up over at wolf creek
in the interest of love and togetherness or bonding or somesuch
we rode the narrow gauge railroad

I've got a photo of anita noshing on something inside the train
that I'll put up maybe later

anyways, she looks exactly the same after all these years
and I guess I do too
but we feel like we're getting old

because we are

and here we have a nice shot of the best fucking dog I've ever known
we were fortunate enough to spend fifteen years together and my eyes teared up writing that
I love you mr. t forever and always and miss you every day
anita agrees

rip my faithful loving friend

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