Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the problem of the pack

like a lot of guys out there
I've been trying to solve the tackle carrying dilemma
eventually, it seems, many give up on their vests...
they're capable of carrying way too much stuff
much of which you carry, but never need or use
no point in that...

so we try any number of the packs out there
day packs, fag bags (fanny or lumbar packs), or dedicated fishing packs

about twenty years back I bought a fag bag for hiking the western forests
mountains and waterways
worked great for that and fishing for a long damn time
nevertheless, I'd still find myself carrying too much

fagbag pictured above
iconic photo by matt schliske 

I opted to use my pockets and a tiny altoids tin full of dry flies
now we're getting somewhere

why leave good enough alone then?
good question inadequately answered

I guess because we are never satisfied w/ the status quo...

I had a cabelas gift certificate
I used it on a humongo river guide lumbar pack
complete w/ rainfly and detachable chest pack

oh did I mention I tried one of those too?
I like to be able to see my feet and where I place them while wading
no go...

that cabelas pack when loaded up and hitched around my hips 
weighed about as much as a suitcase
another no go

after reading for recommendations for fishing packs
on an internet fishing board
I did a little quick and dirty analysis of the offerings
from some industry leaders
(you know who they are)
and found that most are remarkably over-priced
despite being extremely well made
best value came from cabelas - always first choice for the angler on a tight budget
surprisingly, the next two were a bit shocking...
orvis' sling pack and the filson waist pack
really?  filson is cheaper than fishpond?
at least if yer wearing a filson, you look like yer headed to do battle w/ fish
and not a battalion of aliens...

actually that's  just a matter of personal preference...

sure took me a long time to get to the point I've been trying to make...
I had an old filson chest/backpack that I'd traded for
simple and attractive and actually pretty damned comfortable
sling/suspension system

chestpack shown above
photo shot by josh smith
"fishin' not fashion"

I've decided to give it a shot this summer
first time out - saturday at the the ferry
bag holds a surprising amount of shit
as a matter of fact - far too much
and while it never got uncomfortable or even in the way
it was still overkill
f'r instance I had four  or five flyboxes 
when nearly everything I used came from one small one
which included weight and strike indicators
put together specifically to fish here
I had spares of everything I could have needed
well, except for floatant (partner forgot his)
and a lighter (mine fell into the drink at some point)

and well, I dumped it at lunchtime and resorted to my pockets for the rest of the day

now I'm going to continue to field test this pack,
the question remains...why?  when I can fit most everything in my pockets...
and there is an answer

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AZWanderings said...

I know what you mean. I'm always screwing around with how I'm carrying gear. I have a couple of different set-ups determined by where and what I am fishing. I like your posts and setups.