Saturday, December 31, 2011


so that hoodie shown below is the first one I had since I was a kid
my father gave it to me as a Christmas present one year
his client was involved somehow w/ eminem's management 

this sweatshirt is remarkably well executed and designed
the tag reads...

shady limited
future classic

anyways the cut is generous and comfortable
fabric is very warm and soft

love the kangaroo pocket (the primary reason I give the nod to pullovers)
this one's gotta stash pocket inside the joey pouch

here's another one...
but before we get to that here's a shot and a story

that right there is a 1975 edition of that classic album
I hung it on the wall in the tying den the other day
there's honest too goodness pot dust from back in the day
in the crease of the backside of that gatefold cover

nice detail in this macro shot
unfortunately revealing a bit of sloppiness in technique...oh well
still a pretty damn nice and damned effective fly

look at that flimsy rinky dink drawstring on the hood!
the only flaw in a fine garment
very warm durable piece of outerwear

this one's by carhartt
and is the only gift I requested....

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