Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ready for glue

alas it's too cold...
I'll cut ferrule stations instead

catanach sir d
7ft 6in 4wt


Shay said...

The 7'6" Sir 'D' is a nice rod. Made a boat load of them.
You may find however, it little resembles an actual 7 foot sir d. Still a good solid 4wt but not a sir d. For what it's worth, I like most any 7 for a 4 the sir d amounst the better of them. I have stretched the sir d to an 8 footer, still a good 4wt. but a mere shadow of the original.
NONE of this is meant as ANY kind of knock on you or your customers choice.
BTW...do you know where the original sir d came from?
And just the hell WHEN am I going to see your cheery face around here for the last time...fooker...


mijo said...

you'll see me when the grunt work is done? congress is a dangerous place to visit no doubt.

the guy cast about eight different rods and liked the 7ft 6in 4wt sir d the best of them all and indeed cast it better than he did the others. so logically he decided he wanted one.

I know the sir d is named after daryl (whatever the hell is last name is) that's about it...

Shay said...

Daryl(Darryl, Darrel, sp?) Hayashida to be precise. He was also the fucker who wouldn't give me the time of day when I lived five miles from him in SoCal, not that I blame him.

The original Cattanach taper is a smoove mix of a Cross Sylph (fine damn rod and one I suggest you make) and a PHY taper. I can't remember the exact PHY model these days unfortunately, but it matters little. The original Cattanach taper was a VERY nice 7 footer. It's listed in his books if anyone cares to make one. NOt as a Sir D but simply a 7 for a 4.
Not to knock a dead guy, Daryl thought (in his opinion) the the tip was too soft. It was in fact too soft for whatever style of casting he morphed into. No big deal. Like all things bamboo, if you don't like it change it.
Daryl thought the stresses in the first 20 inches were too high (too flexing, too soft) he wanted more 'umph' and lowered the stress by adding .003" to the first 15".
People thought this was a miraculous modification. Even Mr. Cattanach seemed to think so. He is the one who though Daryl should be 'knighted' for this contribution. I think it's hogwash but it is a nice casting rod as was the predecisor. Hard to go wrong with most any 7 for a 4.

After you get a stress curve and rod you're happy with, simple manipulation of the numbers by compooter will transform ( alegedly) and stress curve into any length and line weight you want but I have not found this to be entirely true on several levels.

See...you're going to miss me you crusty old bastard.

Oh and youse guyes buys a gotdamn rod from this fooker...just' sayin'.

See you after the last weekend in April, before Nov 16 brother...if not next year, then when ever.
luv ya brother,

PS thing...the Cross Sylph was more than one taper. How unusual. I "think" the one Wayne used was the 7 footer but I know of a 7'6" Sylph as well so take whatever for whatever it's worth.It also wasn't a four wt but a five.
To take a 5wt 7 something footer, mix that with a "some" PHY taper, turn it into a 7 for a 4...brilliant!