Monday, December 5, 2011

today shall be busy...

[pics to follow - perhaps]

weather forecast calls for more cool weather
after dissolving my guts w/ acid while awaiting late delivery of glue
(I'm still pissed about it)

before long I'll have yet another rod ready to glue and the weather won't cooperate
rodmaking remains a game of hurry up and wait

as I was piecing together the six strips for the tip of the most recent rod 
(7ft 3wt thomas taper)
the // strip didn't fit right
nodes didn't align - one adjacent to another

I remembered I had a blonde strip floating around the shoppe
it had to be the right one and was

today's task - rough out the strip press nodes cook plane to butt specs
reset forms to tip strips and plane tips
 at some point (looks like next week) we'll be gluing
and having a sandpaper party

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