Thursday, December 29, 2011

the importance of my hands

I was talking w/ an old buddy the other day
he said he never rides his hog around town - too dangerous
I agreed and mentioned how difficult things would be w/ a broken leg
I'd be fucked
couldn't fish golf drive whatever

the good news conceivably is that it would heal in time

as bad as it would be to break (or worse yet - lose) a leg
imagine losing use of one of yer hands or - worse yet - both
and now yer really talking fucked

this time of year my hands are a mess
I've got at least a dozen nicks cuts cracks scrapes and microcuts on my ten fingers
and they hurt

there are simple things my stupid fingers simply struggle to accomplish
it would be worse I suppose if I had arthritis or some other chronic ailment
tough enough as it is

when you think about it yer fingers and hands are as important to yer existence 
as yer eyes ears and nose - prolly more important than yer ears or nose
my senses of hearing and smell suck as it is...

fortunately I've discovered a product that takes pretty good care of my hands
despite their shitty shape

it's called "working hands" and you can find it in the solvent section at lowe's
if yer hands suffer you owe it to yourself to try some

meanwhile, next time you find yourself in prayer
thank the good Lord for your hands


Shay said...

I have often and still 'think' the same of myself.

It's hell realizing one's mortality. Get it done and get over it.

Also try "Corn Husker's Lotion." Also quite good I understand.
I fortunately am not cursed with splitting fingers or heels but folks I know swear by it.

It was wonderful seeing you yesterday.

Shay said...

Your hands are your livelyhood.
Yes, I meant to say this in my last post but was befuddled.
You have learned a skill that some consider an art. As you start to grow old, you will maybe, depend on it. Maybe not but I don't know.
If you're like me you are depending on the most rudimentary of hand/eye coordination to see you through the rest of your life and put a bowl of beans on the table.

Take GOOD care of yourself so you don't become some freaking cripple.
I mean it's one thing if you get some disease and croak, but quite another if your health is fine but you have no hands, can't stand,can't breath, etc...sheesh...what's gotten into me.
OK that was my last free lesson. The next lesson is going to be 7 hrs drive time away and will cost you even more fuel dollars.

Hell I need a nap...

PS thing...your sister's kinda hot in an athletic, outdoorsy way.
Much better looking than you.