Saturday, December 31, 2011


the final hoodie I'll look at is made by o'neill
soft warm and cozy
lined w/ sherpa fleece (whatever that is)
cool black white gray plaid
stylish and very warm...
it makes perfect sense to me that surfwear should be warm
it gets cold on the beach when the sun goes down

I've really reluctantly become a fan of the hoodie
I now have five of the damn things
after having spent most of my adult life w/out ever owning one

two others I have but didn't mention recently...
you saw the pic of the schliske bamboo trampstamp
I wore that one everyday working in the shoppe this fall
the other one is a packer football hoodie that's also been pictured here before
I wear that one a lot
especially this time of year eh?

speaking of which, happy new year, all the best, y'know
I doubt that I make it to midnight

I didn't even make it until midnight
and the night was endless...

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