Tuesday, December 13, 2011

would you like to see a picture of some cookies?

fuck no yer thinking me too
I'm thinking that not fuck me
I'm thinking fuck no

I've got three rods in the works stymied awaiting delivery
mostly due to logistical deficiencies on my end

and really we read this to see the rods right?

this cold rainy weather makes me wanna stay inside
and bake cookies
I ate about forty today I'll bet and that's just ridiculous
and these are not dainty little fucking girl scout cookies either

now ya wanna see 'em doncha?

there are some pictured elsewhere hereabouts
these came out lookin more like one batch than another
I think they came out perfect
a substantial four bite cookie

I guess after all that I gotta show ya...

chocolate chips

lemon glazed shortbread

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