Saturday, December 24, 2011

are things looking up?

could they get any worse?

I'm not really talking about anything in particular
my psychological fitness rodbuilding the american economy local politics
and number of things

so I got a rod order recently
w/ one left to finish for the poore girls
two fe thomas tapers for myself

and two possibilities still up in the air
I will order components after the holidaze
and move on from building a blank to finishing some rods

why in the hell am I building myself two more rods?
one of which is a clone of one I already use alladamntime

my mentor is leaving the state
there is oh so much I still need to pick his brains on
and just from a fellowship point of view
I enjoy spending tome w/ him 
and he will be long gone
though I get a sneaking suspicion that I may well be fishing for goldens this sunmer

post holiday blues settle in right easily
and they are less easy to shake

I suppose what I'm saying is that if you want a handmade
custom split cane flyrod - now just might be the time to order it

you'll be fishing it this spring

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Shay said...

Yeah...they absolutely can worse...