Saturday, May 21, 2011


headed out early this morning
sight fishing for koi and carp

and it's official - I've stuck my first ever capr!
notice I said stuck not caught
had him pinned for oh three to five minutes
tried to stop him and be broke me off
took my last simiseal leech too bastard

fortunately ben was on the other side of the pond and had plenty
I tied on a rubber legged simi from my box on and fished my way around the pond

stuck one capr two koi (landing ZERO!) and maybe twenty bass (all landed)
it was fun

ben's tight w/ an acrobatic koi
he figured he foul hooked him

I wish I could have snapped a pic of the airborne koi
I did get this...

the camera's waterproof
I know
but why does this pic look like I snapped it underwater
this may well be the worst picture I've ever taken

I should mention the smallest bass I've ever seen and I caught it
it was a joke how tiny this thing was
I'm surprised the hook didn't penetrate his brain and kill him on the spot
he was released unharmed to be caught later
idiot fish - I'm not giving him long odds

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AZWanderings said...

schweet. Good morning man. Thanks again for the chow and coffee. Looking forward to getting back there and sticking it to one of those roughfish...